Holy Day Calendar

*All Holy Days Start The Evening Before At Sunset*

Holy Day2016
PassoverApr 22Apr 10Mar 30Apr 19Apr 8
Unleavened BreadApr 23-29Apr 11-17Mar 31-Apr 6Apr 20-26Apr 9-15
PentecostJune 12June 4May 20June 9May 31
TrumpetsOct 3Sep 21Sep 10Sep 30Sep 19
AtonementOct 12Sep 30Sep 19Oct 9Sep 28
Feast of TabernaclesOct 17-23Oct 5-11Sep 24-30Oct 14-20Oct 3-9
Last Great DayOct 24Oct 12Oct 1Oct 21Oct 10

Holy Day20212022202320242025
PassoverMar 27Apr 15Apr 5Apr 22Apr 12
Unleavened BreadMar 28-Apr 3Apr 16-22Apr 6-12Apr 23-29Apr 13-19
PentecostMay 16May 16May 28June 16June 1
TrumpetsSep 7Sep 7Sep 16Oct 3Sep 23
AtonementSep 16Sep 16Sep 25Oct 12Oct 2
Feast of TabernaclesSep 21-27Sep 21-27Sep 30-Oct 6Oct 17-23Oct 7-13
Last Great DaySep 28Sep 28Oct 7Oct 24Oct 14